Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Crochet

I would say that of everything that I make baby things are probably my favorite. I don't know if it is their small size and therefore quick finish that I like so much or that there are so many things you can do. Whatever it is, I really enjoy making baby stuff. Besides it is always nice to have on hand for when you need a quick baby gift. 

My sister had a couple of hemstitched burp cloths that she didn't want so she gave then to me. I finished them up pretty quickly with a simple picot edging. The pattern I used did just one round of crochet, the picot round, but I decided that I liked it better with one round of single crochet and then a second round with the picots. I didn't want to do anything too fancy since they are both boy prints. I think that they turned out cute and it's always good to have some boy stuff stashed away, I always seem to have more girl stuff. 
Speaking of girl stuff, the rest of the baby projects that I have crocheted are pretty girly. The pictured just above and below show some of those projects. Hats and booties up above and sweaters below. The pink and green hats were made from the Best Baby Cloche pattern on I just noticed 
that she now has a bigger girl version as well as a lace and picot cloche that I want to try out. The yellow hat is a bigger size and made from a Bernat Yarns pattern but the flower is from the other pattern. It is a little messed up especially the edging because I got kind of confused with the pattern. The green bootie pattern was from a book that I have, not an online pattern. When I made the yellow booties I was trying to find a cute and easy mary-jane style bootie. I would personally not recommend this pattern. I thought that they turned out looking kind of messy and funny shaped, maybe if you went around the edges with a single crochet they would look more finished but I don't know how that would affect the size or fit of the bootie. I will say that they were very easy to make, I just didn't really care for the look of the finished project. It could just be that I did something wrong but I don't know, I followed the pattern exactly and just didn't care for them. 
I am not a huge fan of crocheting baby sweaters for a couple of reasons. Number one, I don't particularly love the look of crocheted sweaters and, number2, they take longer to finish that a hat or pair of booties so I am usually ready to be done long before I actually am. The first one that I made, the green one, I thought turned out surprisingly well. I still don't love it but it does actually look like it would fit a baby. The yellow one however, turned out kind of funny shaped. It seems to me to be really short and wide. I was going to link to the patterns since they were both made from free ones that I found online but I can't find them right now. As soon as I do I will add the links.
I really enjoy making baby stuff and have enjoyed these crochet projects. Some I like more than others but I enjoyed making all of them and now I have a drawer full of baby stuff when I need a quick gift.

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